How to Really Rid Yourself of Saggy Skin: False Advertising

Greetings Friends,

A couple of weeks ago my image was used without my permission to promote a product that CLAIMED to cure saggy skin. I never have nor would I ever promote such a product. For people who have a lot of weight to lose, saggy skin comes with the territory. It just does. The only cure other than strength training is potentially surgery. But I digress.

The facebook page Better than Bare, used my image without my permission to promote luxoderm. I have attempted to contact them by several means, but have heard nothing. I posted to their page and have noticed that they now no longer allow people to post to their page. You can comment on their posts, but that’s it, so they obviously have heard my concerns and have chosen to ignore them.

This upsets me on several levels. I have worked hard to get where I am naturally, and their use of my image insults my efforts. I also read the comments people posted on facebook under the ad, and, wow, were they nasty.

I highly encourage you to take a second glance at any ad you see. And if you want a miracle cure to something that ails you, then go for a walk, take a yoga class, have coffee with a friend–those are the moments that will cure anything. Well, maybe not saggy skin, but a good laugh will make you forget anything.

Below is the letter I have attempted to send them.

Dear Luxoderm and Better than Bare,

Two weeks ago I was contacted by a friend who noticed my image appearing on a facebook ad for Luxoderm via the Better than Bare facebook page. I never authorized the use of my picture to sell and/or promote luxoderm. Furthermore I have reserved all rights to this picture, which was first published on my website: A week after my friend saw my image on facebook, it showed up on my facebook feed. When I clicked on the link with my image (from the Better than Bare FB page) it led me to the luxoderm site.

Your use of my image to promote luxoderm/Better than Bare is unauthorized. You neither asked for nor received permission to use my image. Furthermore, your ad implies that I used your product or would need to use your product. This is blatant fraudulent advertising.

I demand that you immediately cease the use and distribution my image to promote luxoderm and/or Better than Bare. Furthermore, I demand that you post an apology on the Better than Bare Facebook page clarifying that I never authorized my image for use on your site to promote any product.

If I have not received proof of compliance from you within 72 hours, I shall consider taking the full legal remedies available to rectify this situation.
Nancy Taylor

PS: for your information, here is a screen shot that shows the facebook ad with my image.

Better than Bare's Unauthorized Use of My Image

Better than Bare’s Unauthorized Use of My Image

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Farewell Mr. Nimoy

The death of Leonard Nimoy saddens me greatly. As a child I grew up watching reruns of the original Star Trek with my dad. I fondly recall enjoying the friendly banter and witty exchanges between Mr. Spock and Captain Kirk. 

As an adult, as a woman on a mission to make peace with her body I, I have a deeper appreciation for Mr. Nimoy’s artistic endeavors, which sought to encourage all of us to accept, to appreciate, and yes, to LOVE women with larger bodies. 

I may have spent a great deal of the day listening to Mr. Nimoy’s CDs, forever etched on my iPhone, but I keep coming back to thoughts of Mr. Nimoy’s Full Body Project. He understood that full-figured women, larger women, all women had something of value to offer to their communities, to offer to themselves.  Mr. Nimoy challenged all of us reconsider and reconfigure our notions of beauty. 

Mr. Nimoy went beyond utilizing words to further his support of body acceptance. He gathered together a group of women with larger bodies and photographed them nude, in artistic expressions that reflected the beauty of their bodies in THE MOMENT. He didn’t ask, he didn’t want them to be anything they weren’t. He reveled in their beauty. They reveled in their beauty. 

In displaying these women in a sublimely artistic context he challenged all of us to question our conceptualizations of beauty, of acceptance. His most well-known role may be that of the Vulcan Spock, but, in my heart, I’ll always be able to see the beauty of the body more deeply because of work like his. Your ideas will always live long and prosperously. 

Thank you Mr. Nimoy for daring to go where few have had the courage to venture.  

Check out these links that give some insight into Mr. Nimoy’s work with The Full Body Project:

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Share the Love

Share the Love

I’ve found myself lately thinking of and contemplating the faults of a select couple of people I encounter on a semi-regular basis. I’ve been looking through the lens that makes the problem theirs–NOT MINE! By doing this I’ve placed myself in a superior position. Yet, in my heart, I know we’re all bozos on this bus of life.

I’m in Arizona at the moment on family business, imagebut I still made time to make it to yoga this morning. Right outside the yoga room at Bikram Yoga Paradise Valley, they have a bulletin board with the theme of the month: Share the Love. A small selection of quotes lines the board infusing it with the intended spirit of love.

“A candle loses nothing by lighting another candle.” As my eyes alighted upon these words I felt the dawn of an understanding erupt. When I speak negatively about others I diminish their candle, their light. Gandhi once said “As human beings, our greatness lies not so much in being able to remake the world–that is the myth of the atomic age–as in being able to remake ourselves.”

Gandhi has a point. While I sweated out tumultuous toxins in the yoga room I wondered and thought about this need to be critical. I don’t like that feeling, yet I also became cognizant that I didn’t want to criticize myself for being human.

As beads of sweat dripped unceasingly into my eyes, after cascading over my eyelashes I realized the need to forgive myself and to love myself and others. Loving others doesn’t mean being a doormat. It just means having all actions come from love.

“You must be the change you want to see in the world.” I think a lot about love. What love means. What self-love is. When I’m in the hot room self-love is quite simply feeling immense gratitude for this life, for this presence in that hot room. I love the feeling when I’m there and when I leave.

Yoga is so much, so much more a pose, so much more than even breath. It gives me a passion for self-realization that I didn’t have before. It gives me the strength to look at myself and see where I can and am willing to work at changing. Being loving takes strength, takes vulnerability, takes courage. And makes the world a better and brighter place.

So this Valentine’s Day, share the love, and start by sharing it with yourself!

Much love to all of you!

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For the Love of a Picture

With My Dad

With My Dad

One week from today will mark what would have been my dad’s 71st birthday. He’s been gone a year and a half now, and I think about him everyday.

I feel incredibly grateful to have spent so much time with him during the last few months of his life. Sometimes we’d talk; sometimes we’d watch television. I’d almost always take a picture of the two of us–a selfie. He loved those moments, those pictures.

Parkinson’s made it difficult for him to smile, but he tried his best. The effort it took for him to ask his face to reflect the joy within makes me smile every time I think about it.

I’ve spent time looking through family pictures, reliving a lifetime of memories–a road trip to Kansas, Christmases past, my parents’ prom.

I’m lucky to have those pictures. I’ve heard so many people throughout the years refuse to have their pictures taken at special events because they didn’t like an aspect of their physical appearance. I have friends who say they wished they had more family pictures.

It might be true that the sweetest memories are held in the heart, but the pictorial images also bring comfort, and I’m oh so grateful for the joyful moments that comfort me when I look at pictures.

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A Tiggerific Triangle

If you’ve been around here long enough the you know my fondness for triangle pose. I have some difficulty with it because I carry the bulk of my weight in the front, so it’s all too easy for me to lean forward and not keep proper alignment. I know when I’m leaning too far forward with my torso in triangle, and, here’s a true confession: sometimes I do it when I’m feeling lazy and it’s the easier path to take.

A couple of weeks ago, I realized that if I tucked my tailbone in just a bit it would prevent me from leaning forward. When I lean forward my tailbone juts out. It’s not how far down I go in a posture, it’s the thoughts that happen to me on the way down.

I’m on this journey to create a better happier life. I didn’t get where I’m at taking shortcuts. Going to yoga gives me a stronger body, but more than that, it gives me greater strength than I ever thought I’d have.

When I’m doing triangle I benefit more when the body is in alignment. When I lean forward and rest my abdomen or my hand on the floor, I’m doing just that—resting. I know better. And the time for resting has passed. I have a goal to accomplish, a quest to embark upon, so from hereon I shall do my best to tuck my tailbone (just a bit) in triangle. Even if it means I don’t go down as far, I’ll get where I’m going faster by not taking shortcuts!

Watch the video and you’ll see a demo of a lazy triangle and a Tiggerific Triangle!

Working on Proper Alignment in Triangle

Working on Proper Alignment in Triangle

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The Power of NO

Last week I said “No.” Not a spectacular word, a quite simple one really, yet not one I utter enough, until now. I have spent most of my life saying yes when I didn’t really mean it. I craved the approval of others more than I craved the approval of myself. In many ways I sold my hopes, my dreams, my peace in search of the approval of others.

Throughout the years, others have labeled me as “too emotional.” A truth? Maybe.  At times yes. At other times no. It’s also a sad truth that people label women, strong women as “too emotional” when they’d likely never say that to a man. I am a strong woman. I am an emotional woman. I am a driven woman. I am a woman with hopes and dreams and aspirations and I’m working to make them happen.

Yet, I’ve also been stymied by my own need to fit into the parameters others set forth for me. The more I work toward my own self-realization, the more I can no longer be defined. Last week a friend asked me to work on a particular project. I’d been working on it for a while but certain changes and occurred, making it an unpleasant task to continue. Given that it wasn’t work related, no real harm would come of saying no, but I couldn’t do it. I couldn’t say no. I needed my friend’s approval more than my own.

Then something happened. The minute I said yes, I knew I’d made a mistake. I could feel it in my soul. I couldn’t sleep for part of one night. I knew then that my mistake gave me a gift. A part of my soul felt free from the need for the approval of others. A couple of days later, I admitted my mistake to my friend and told him I could no longer participate in this particular venture.

Since that moment, I have felt, I feel a certain sense of freedom. I’ve started taking down Christmas decorations, going through things, spending time with myself. Mohadesa Najumi spoke an incredible truth when she said “the woman who does not require validation from anyone is the most feared individual on the planet.” When we don’t need approval we are free to finally live our lives as we see fit, as our soul sees fit.

I may not be quite there yet, but I’m well on my way and I’m loving the feeling of fresh vibrant air flying through my hair and lifting my soaring soul to new heights!

To read Mohadesa Najumi’s article on women and validation, click on the link:

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I Was That Woman

I remember so clearly sitting there on the tall barstool inside of Starbucks, with my tea in one hand and my journal in front of me. I looked at the table right outside the window where a woman sat. Her morbidly obese torso overflowed the sides of the chair.

Her swollen feet whether by disease or design or nature barely stayed trapped within the confines of her sandals of her orthopedic-type black sandals. She wore black pants with the pink blouse, the long type of blouse designed to hide the large tummies of the overweight.

But they really hide nothing, not even from the woman herself. I know. I’ve been there. I am that woman. She is me. Rather, I was that woman. I’m not her anymore.

The woman sat there, reading her book, Over the Counter Natural Cures as she sipped her sugary coffee drink. I know what’s in that drink. I used to be her. I still am her. I have days where I want to drink my pumpkin spice lattes. I restrained myself to just having a couple during the season. I’ve tried making pumpkin drinks on my own but but they seem to be missing something. Actually, what they seem to be missing sugar!

Studies of shown that sugar is more addictive than cocaine. I’ve never tried cocaine so I can’t attest personally to the findings, but this I can tell you: sugar pulls and claws at you over and over and over again, and if the body is denied the gratification that comes from sugar then a price will be paid.

I’ve paid that price. I’ve lived with the crying jags, the emotional mood swings. I’ve lived through it all. And I’ll live through it again. I’m worth the battle, and it is a battle. It’s a battle that takes more strength than most people realize. Sugar knows how to get you.

So I sat there watching that woman, realizing I was her, and I am I am her. But the difference, the real difference is that I know better now. I know now what I need to do, I know now what I can do, and I know now what I am capable of doing.

As I watch the woman, I feel for her. I feel her pain. The pain she does not yet feel. The over the counter natural cures that she reads about, well I know what they are:  the kale, the carrots, the bananas, the bell peppers, the fresh fruits and vegetables and the list goes on……..

Curing what ails me requires so much. Movement: hiking, walking, yoga, taking the stairs instead of the elevator, parking at the end of the lot. Any kind of movement matters. Meditating. Finding time with myself. I’m still trying to figure out who I am.

Sitting alone being alone without distractions, without social media, without Phones, without technology, without computers. Just being. That’s so hard. That’s why people have such a hard time recovering from eating disorders. They have a hard time just sitting and being with themselves. I know this as I have a hard time sitting with myself.

But I’m learning. Somehow I’m learning. I’m taking the moments that life gives me. The moments like right now where I’ve moved from Starbucks to lying on my red couch writing via Dictation, writing into my iPhone, telling my life story into that little piece of technology. I’m using it. It’s not using me.

I’m lying here with myself. Facing my demons. Looking for that love. That self-love that requires nothing but myself. Where is that self? Where is that soul? Find the answer and you’ll have found the over the counter natural cure.

While at Starbucks earlier, I watched her read her book for about a half hour. I watched the look on her face. It reminded me so much of me and who I was, who I’m still capable of being. It reminded me that I want people to have hope. I want them to see that one moment at a time the natural cure isn’t in a Starbucks cup. It’s not in the book on natural cures. It’s in being, in sitting there, sitting somewhere, sitting without your cellphone finding a scoop of nature and embracing that nature.

I am that woman I saw. I wanted to walk up and hug her and tell her everything would be okay. I wanted to tell her she had that cure inside of her. But what I really needed to do was say that to myself. It’s in saving myself that I can help others, and that’s what I want to do more than anything.

I don’t want to go back to where I was. I won’t go back to where I was.  I don’t want to be that woman, but there’s a part of her that will always reside within me, and that’s the part that keeps me going, keeps me know there’s so much more out there than I ever dreamed possible!

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