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The True Cost of Health

How much does a healthy meal truly cost? I have heard on the news and from friends that eating fresh healthy foods costs much more than processed “fast” foods. I’ve also thought this myself, so the other day I had … Continue reading

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Being Me

It’s hard to explain. I’ve spent my whole life being somebody else. Anybody else but me. How do I express that? That’s how I got to be well over 400 pounds. I never thought it was enough to be me. … Continue reading

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Workout Clothing: Not Just for Skinny People

Over the course of the past few months people have asked me where I buy my clothes, more specifically they ask where I purchase my workout gear. There’s more to the question than a simple answer. At my heaviest, deciding … Continue reading

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More on Entrances and Exits: More on My Real Yoga Body and My Real Yoga Practice

Since I wrote the blog several days ago on entrances and exits in the yoga room, I’ve been thinking about my practice as a whole and how it’s changed me. I have so many hopes and dreams, so many aspirations, … Continue reading

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Entrances and Exits: Anatomy of a Life-Altering Practice

The other day I found myself reading Bikram’s book, Bikram Yoga. I came across a passage that struck a chord within me. When practicing the postures Bikram says “it’s very important to know how to get out of the postures … Continue reading

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Tricks Triangle (Trikanasana) Teaches Me Part 2

It’s true. The more time passes, the more I fall in love with triangle. While some dread this pose, I never have. This pose epitomizes the heart, mind, and body being in alignment with the soul. That alignment is off-whack … Continue reading

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Bored with Bikram?? Bored with Breath??

Lately, I’ve heard whispers of conversations. People tiring of routines. People wondering how I don’t feel burnout from doing the same postures every time I go to a Bikram class. They’ve asked me about the magic motivating key. The truth … Continue reading

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