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Happy Two-Year Bikram Yoga-versary to me!

Two Years Ago April 29th, 2013: the first day I walked into a Bikram yoga class. The first day I met Loren Jay Cherrstrom, teacher extraordinaire. I walked into that class one thing and walked out another. My life has … Continue reading

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Facing Fears

Ever since I can remember going to the doctor, particularly the gynecologist, has been accompanied by the phrase “being overweight comes with a heightened risk for all sorts of cancers”; consequently, I haven’t felt too fondly when it came time … Continue reading

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How I Feel NOW

As I sit here on my red couch I look over at the empty box of debrox on the floor and wonder why I haven’t picked it up. I bought it last week when my right ear felt a bit … Continue reading

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Let’s talk about Poop

If you are at all squeamish, you might not wish to read this. If you’ve been following me you know I’ve had a lifelong issue with weight. I’ve tried just about every plan in existence. I spent years thinking that … Continue reading

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Portrait of a Family

Today I found myself going through some family pictures. I couldn’t stop myself from wondering what purpose these pictures served. I enjoy looking at them, but I have no children to hand them down to and no close family members … Continue reading

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Just Because

Today at while shopping at Trader Joe’s I bought myself deep pink roses just because. I saw the $4.99 price tag and thought to myself, “why not?” I’ve certainly spent that amount multiple times at Starbucks, for a sense pleasure … Continue reading

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