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Really it is! Everything is FINE!!! I’m not talking about life being perfect or even okay. I’m talking about this: whatever you do is fine and however you feel is fine. I’ve spent far too much time in my life … Continue reading

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A Piece of A Posture

I’ve been thinking lately about postures and how I work on them. I realized a few weeks ago that the key to “perfecting” a posture involves taking one piece of a posture at a time and working on it. During … Continue reading

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Sexy Sit-Ups (Sort of!)

I can’t do a traditional sit-up. I just can’t right now, that doesn’t mean I can’t work toward one. The other day I went for my semi-annual dermatological body check, and my dermatologist told me I must have significant core … Continue reading

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Happiness: It Really is an Inside Job

The other morning I went to answer an email from a friend who asked how I felt that day, and I started to type “I feel tired”, but my fingers never hit the keyboard, for I realized in that moment … Continue reading

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