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MY DECLUTTERING EXPERIENCE I’ve been sitting here for awhile trying to start this blog. I managed to do in two weeks what the experts say could/should/would/ought to take six months. “When the student is ready, the teacher appears.” In my … Continue reading

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What’s in a Number?

Yesterday I had almost 7,000 photos stored on my iPhone. Right here. Right now. I have 995. In my efforts to clear my space I realized I also needed to clear my electronic space.  How many selfies did I need … Continue reading

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A Newfound Strength

I didn’t always speak my mind, especially when it came to problems with goods or services. I remember feeling as though I didn’t like confrontation. One time, at the age of 17 or 18 I received a horrible haircut, really … Continue reading

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With Eyes Wide Open: Staying Present in Yoga

I like to keep my eyes closed to escape my thoughts. Or so I think. When I meditate I close my eyes to center myself. In the hot room they tell you to keep your eyes open, and, while I’ve … Continue reading

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Piles of Expectations

I sat down tonight intending to write a blog on the benefits of keeping one’s eyes open during yoga—I tend to close mine. I also thought about making a video on how people who can’t do traditional sit-ups (ME!!!) can … Continue reading

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Before and After Pics…..of My Truck

Or rather of my late dad’s truck. The past couple of months I’d gotten into the habit of leaving stuff in there, figuring I’d take care of it later….well somehow later didn’t happen and this is what the truck looked … Continue reading

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My Life in Shreds: Further Adventures in Decluttering

Some papers need to be shredded, such as tax documents. I had a pile just waiting to be shredded, so I decided to take care of it today. I have a strong determination to finish this project before school starts … Continue reading

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When Your Worst Yoga Class Becomes Your Best Yoga Class

Spending any amount of time on a crowded metal tube flying through the sky can cause the body to feel stiff and cramped. To put it more succinctly–as I walked around this morning body parts ached and moaned as though … Continue reading

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BLING BLING—It’s MY THING!!! Further Decluttering Adventures!

  I LOVE Bling. Always have and probably always will. This means that when I see shiny THINGS I tend to want to buy them! I have a nice collection of jewelry, mostly costume; actually, I have an overwhelming amount … Continue reading

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How PHAT do your FAT Clothes Make You Feel?

“It’s easier to have what you have than to have something new.” I found this written on a piece of paper when cleaning out a drawer during my decluttering project. Originally, I had planned to take more time going through … Continue reading

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