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Creating MY Authentic Self

Creating an Authentic Self Creating an Authentic Self: sounds almost like a self-help book, doesn’t it? The other day I found myself sitting outside Starbucks, drinking a latte and staring into the flowing water of a fountain. Watching the ripples … Continue reading

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When All You Need Is Love, Love OTHERS!

I found myself wide awake at 4:00a.m. thinking about love, about concepts of self-love. I have some radical, or not so radical thoughts, depending on how you look at it. I’ve written lately about love, about self-love. I find truth … Continue reading

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My Love Affair with Food

On this bright and sunny yet chilly morning I woke up and decided to have some yogurt with a tablespoon of honey and some flax cereal for breakfast, along with a cup of tea. I like to think of it … Continue reading

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What Triggers YOU?

A couple of days ago, my brother faced a serious health crisis, the nature of still lies undetermined. He suffers from obesity and has for most of his adult life. He also enjoys drinking. A few years ago, looking for … Continue reading

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More on Numbers that Matter

If you’ve been with me for awhile, then you know I don’t like it when people ask me how much weight I’ve lost. So many judgments and so much other “yuckiness” follows that answer. I’m more than a number. Always … Continue reading

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