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The Lies I Tell

Not too long ago I wrote a blog entry detailing how I embrace change. Well, that’s quite simply not true. Change terrifies me. Sends my mind, my heart, my spirit reeling. I can’t explain it, but change of any sort, … Continue reading

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Read All About ME!

My Bikram Yoga life invited me to be a guest blogger for this week! Check out the entry and peruse the rest of the site–she has some amazing stuff there!

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Activating Alignment

For the longest time I thought only this body lacked proper alignment. I figured other people, skinnier people, had better alignment. My ego loves this thought pattern. It liked it, well it still likes it, for as long as I … Continue reading

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What to wear to a wedding? And Salabhasana (locust)

I have a wedding to go to in less than three weeks. I already have the perfect red dress to wear. The sleeveless divine design captured my eye, so I bought it, knowing full well it would look best without … Continue reading

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Plow Pose (Halasana) for Larger Bodies

Someone requested my thoughts on adaptations for larger bodies. Here is a YouTube video I created showing where I am at now. In its current structure, this body can’t do the full expression of plow pose, but I can work … Continue reading

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When a House Becomes a Home

For the past couple of years I have not felt like I’ve had a home, a place to be. I’ve spent so much time running and running and running. I don’t feel like I can find the words to express … Continue reading

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My Great Groupon Adventure

Not a blog entry about yoga per se; except yoga brings breath and yoga brings life and yoga is so much more than what happens in the yoga room………. I seek and embrace change. That’s how I’ll grow. I’ve gotten … Continue reading

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