Before and After: A Tale in Pictures

December brings a beehive of busyness for me. Finals at school bring countless essays to grade and comment upon. I also have the good fortune to coordinate a Christmas Party for about 250 people or so. Between those two factions of my life I find it easy to allow things to go by the wayside. Simple things like tidying up—I find I’m too exhausted to do, especially the night of the event and in days after.

After the event is over I gather my belongings and supplies and head home. Once home I drop all my bags on the floor. I’ve been known to leave them there for as long as a week or two, but this time I decided I would take a different path and make the time to put things away, and doing that has made all the difference.

The pictures below show the dining and entry areas of my apartment the night I got home after the event and a couple of days later. Taking care of my space in a reasonable amount of time makes all the difference in my mood and productivity. It took maybe a half hour total. That’s time I’m worth.

After the Party

After a Half Hour or so of Post-Party Tidying

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