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Title Already Taken

What You Think of Me is None of My Business—a book I could write, except the title has already been taken. I experienced the most amazing breakthrough in yoga this week, proving once again that yoga really is cheaper than … Continue reading

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Yoga Your Mood

I woke this morning in a funky kind of mood. Self-absorbed. Not-so-happy. Just plain moody. I knew the cure. Get out of my own head, but how to do that? Easy. Go to yoga. Then I started a whole discussion … Continue reading

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Three Years of HOT HOT HOT YOGA!

Today, April 29, 2016 marks my third year Bikramversary! I don’t have any grand comments to make. No profound realizations. I’ve been practicing yoga on and off for twenty years, but I love Bikram/Hot yoga more than the others. Why? … Continue reading

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The Art of Showing Up

Imagine waking up at 7:00a.m. on a Sunday morning to the sound of a shrill alarm going off and realizing the horror or your choice the last evening to place your phone far out of reach so you can’t just rollover … Continue reading

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Happiness: It Really is an Inside Job

The other morning I went to answer an email from a friend who asked how I felt that day, and I started to type “I feel tired”, but my fingers never hit the keyboard, for I realized in that moment … Continue reading

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Piles of Expectations

I sat down tonight intending to write a blog on the benefits of keeping one’s eyes open during yoga—I tend to close mine. I also thought about making a video on how people who can’t do traditional sit-ups (ME!!!) can … Continue reading

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A History of Weight Loss Attempts

I have spent the greater part of the past three hours going through one file box of old papers from the early 2000’s. The plastic container of personal historical documents told stories of countless weight-loss attempts: ionamin, personal training, gym … Continue reading

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