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A Piece of A Posture

I’ve been thinking lately about postures and how I work on them. I realized a few weeks ago that the key to “perfecting” a posture involves taking one piece of a posture at a time and working on it. During … Continue reading

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With Eyes Wide Open: Staying Present in Yoga

I like to keep my eyes closed to escape my thoughts. Or so I think. When I meditate I close my eyes to center myself. In the hot room they tell you to keep your eyes open, and, while I’ve … Continue reading

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What a Yogi Looks Like (in my yoga world)

I’ve seen an increasing amount of conversations that focus on “what a yogi looks like”. When I walk into the yoga room I find myself surrounded by a variety of ages, of ethnicities, of body types—a veritable potpourri of people. … Continue reading

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My Great Groupon Adventure

Not a blog entry about yoga per se; except yoga brings breath and yoga brings life and yoga is so much more than what happens in the yoga room………. I seek and embrace change. That’s how I’ll grow. I’ve gotten … Continue reading

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Child’s Pose for EVERY Body!

Adapted Child’s Pose aka Child’s Pose for EVERY Body! When I first started practicing a more traditional form of hatha yoga, I dreaded child’s pose. With the size of my stomach, well my whole body I just couldn’t find a … Continue reading

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Double, Double Toil, and Trouble: Reflections on a Year of Doing Doubles (back-to-back Bikram classes) Three Times a Week

June 14th, 2013 I took a chance. I took a risk. I did something different. I did something for me, on a whim. Somehow or other I decided it would be fun to take two Bikram Yoga classes back-to-back. I’m … Continue reading

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Overcoming Obesity

A couple of days ago I saw an article on the Internet “There’s Not a Single Country that has Succeeded in Reducing Obesity in the Past 33 Years” (http://www.globalpost.com/dispatch/news/regions/americas/united-states/140530/global-obesity-study-shows-world-has-got-fatter-since-1980). My first reaction was that I understood why. I got it. … Continue reading

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