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Random Thoughts on Beauty

I do not consider myself beautiful. I also don’t consider myself ugly. My thoughts on beauty formed at an early age, no doubt framed by traditional concepts of beauty as portrayed in the media. Beauty is thin. Beauty is perfect … Continue reading

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Which Way Do You Turn?

When I’m in the classroom I encourage my students to create new pathways, new grooves in their brains by making small changes in their routines. When they exit the classroom, go left instead of right. Take an alternate route to … Continue reading

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A Gym Life

Years ago when I first joined a gym I felt hesitant and fearful. I weighed over 400 pounds and felt like a gym was the last place I belonged. That might sound irrational, but it’s how I felt. I think … Continue reading

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Random Thoughts on Bullying, Food, and a Book

Several weeks ago an advertisement for a book, Gorge, about a woman who climbed Kilimanjaro popped into my mail box. Oh and this woman happened to weigh 300 pounds. So much of this book resonated with my core, with my story. … Continue reading

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How I Feel NOW

As I sit here on my red couch I look over at the empty box of debrox on the floor and wonder why I haven’t picked it up. I bought it last week when my right ear felt a bit … Continue reading

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How to Really Rid Yourself of Saggy Skin: False Advertising

Greetings Friends, A couple of weeks ago my image was used without my permission to promote a product that CLAIMED to cure saggy skin. I never have nor would I ever promote such a product. For people who have a … Continue reading

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I Was That Woman

I remember so clearly sitting there on the tall barstool inside of Starbucks, with my tea in one hand and my journal in front of me. I looked at the table right outside the window where a woman sat. Her … Continue reading

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