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These Shoes WERE Made for Walking

I’m a believer in comfortable walking shoes. Sure some brands might be pricey, but if we analyze shoes on a per cost basis they actually will turn out to be pretty cheap. Last July I found a pair of Josef … Continue reading

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Yoga Your Mood

I woke this morning in a funky kind of mood. Self-absorbed. Not-so-happy. Just plain moody. I knew the cure. Get out of my own head, but how to do that? Easy. Go to yoga. Then I started a whole discussion … Continue reading

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Being Fat and Going to the Doctor

Being fat means going to the doctor is never fun, especially going to the gynecologist. Every time I go I hear a lecture about how being obese makes me a higher risk for cancer. The gynecologist likes to use that … Continue reading

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The Art of Showing Up

Imagine waking up at 7:00a.m. on a Sunday morning to the sound of a shrill alarm going off and realizing the horror or your choice the last evening to place your phone far out of reach so you can’t just rollover … Continue reading

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Happiness: It Really is an Inside Job

The other morning I went to answer an email from a friend who asked how I felt that day, and I started to type “I feel tired”, but my fingers never hit the keyboard, for I realized in that moment … Continue reading

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A Newfound Strength

I didn’t always speak my mind, especially when it came to problems with goods or services. I remember feeling as though I didn’t like confrontation. One time, at the age of 17 or 18 I received a horrible haircut, really … Continue reading

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BLING BLING—It’s MY THING!!! Further Decluttering Adventures!

  I LOVE Bling. Always have and probably always will. This means that when I see shiny THINGS I tend to want to buy them! I have a nice collection of jewelry, mostly costume; actually, I have an overwhelming amount … Continue reading

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