Nancy’s Nutty Nut Butters

When I started decluttering, I remember reading about all the new spaces that would be created. Mental spaces. I didn’t quote know what that would look like, and I still don’t, but a few weeks ago I found myself developing a new hobby—making nut butters. I’m not quite sure where this sudden urge came from, but I honored the direction of my instincts.

I started off with cashew butter. I pulled out my mini-food processor and put in a cup of cashews and started the whirling process. Previously, I’d read enough recipes to know that I’d have to frequently scrape the sides. All the reading I’d done though didn’t warn me of the perils of a mini food processor—I had to keep my finger on the button the whole time, and when it takes a minimum of 10 minutes, well that’s a long time to hold a button.

After a few batches of a variety of nut butters I realized I’d need a better food processor or at least one that would run on its own, but I didn’t need a super-high powered processor or even an expensive one. After some research I settled on this Cuisinart:

I found the price reasonable (I paid $84.99 on sale). It’s also a relatively simple machine, which I liked. The reviews also indicated it was easy to clean. Appliances that require a great deal of care tend to gather dust in my world.

It’s been a couple of weeks since I purchased the processor, and I’ve gone absolutely nutty! Every time I look online I discover a new recipe, a new flash of inspiration.

Cake Batter happens to be one of my favorite flavors, so when I discovered a recipe I couldn’t wait to try it:

I assembled all the ingredients and then pressed the on button:

After a few minutes the nuts will stick to the sides of the food processor, so it’s necessary to stop it and scrape the sides:

After 10 – 15 minutes a ball will start to form. Stop the food processor and break up the ball:

10 minutes after that a creamy nut butter will start to form, and it’s almost finish time:

How much longer the food processor runs depends on how creamy you want the nut butter. By the time it looks like this, I’m happy.

All nuts are not created equal. Softer nuts, like pecans, don’t take much time at all in the food processor. Even the nut butters that do take time are worth it because they last a long time and they taste fresh.

Someone told me once that I needed to be careful with my new hobby, inferring that the high calories might have a fattening effect, but the truth is I don’t eat much at a time, and I thoroughly enjoy the taste, and, there’s very little sugar or sweeteners in the nut butters I make. I seek out recipes that use natural sweeteners. Many recipes don’t use any.

They also make great gifts. Cost Plus sells a variety of small jars that work perfectly for small thank you gifts.

Nuts Away!

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One Response to Nancy’s Nutty Nut Butters

  1. Linda Bowery says:

    You have become the nut butter Queen! So awesome!

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