These Shoes WERE Made for Walking

I’m a believer in comfortable walking shoes. Sure some brands might be pricey, but if we analyze shoes on a per cost basis they actually will turn out to be pretty cheap. Last July I found a pair of Josef Seibel shoes on sale for $99. + tax. I hemmed and hawed when I first saw the price but one of my friends raved about the brand, so I bought them.

The first time I wore them out of the box I found them to be incredibly comfortable. I remember walking all over Downtown Los Angeles and my feet didn’t utter a single complaint. I continued to wear those same shoes multiple times throughout this past year, on walks long and short, without a single issue until last week when I realized they had served their purpose and were ready to move on.

I’m not sure I remember the exact moment I realized the padding had gone from the shoes but I do recall more fatigue in my legs and the lack of padding underneath the balls of my feet.

I also have a pair of Taos sandals that are ready for their next adventure. I found them at DSW a couple of years ago. They reminded me of a pair of ECCOs I once owned but these were considerably cheaper. I wore them countless times as well.

I prefer to live an active lifestyle as much as possible so prefer comfort over all other factors when it comes to shoes. I know shoes can’t always leave my feel feeling like they are walking on clouds but I like to be able to walk distances comfortably.

SOOOOOOO, last week I thanked my pair of Josef Seibels and my pair of Taos sandals and wished them best on their next incarnation. I haven’t replaced them yet but I will. I love being able to move, so I know that whatever replacement finds their way onto my feet, will fill me with a desire to go skipping in the street!

PS: there are plenty of organizations that can repurpose old shoes. Look online and find one the next time you have a pair of shoes ready for their next incarnation!

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