It Happened Again

The clutter built up.   Not in my apartment, but in my car. How did it happen? One moment at a time. One day maybe I felt too tired to take a bag out of my car and it went from there. It built up. 

I didn’t actually buy a lot more stuff. Stuff just accumulated, including the dirt on my car. I decided I had enough and that the time had come to clean out the car.

I started by taking everything out. All the items that weren’t trash I piled into my living area. Then I took the car to the car wash! There’s something cleansing about having a clean car. It’s like it’s brand new all over again. 

I didn’t stop there though. I’ve worked too hard to allow clutter to infiltrate my living space again, so I spent a few hours today putting away the stuff that had accumulated while doing laundry.  

I’m telling you all this because life really is a process. Two steps forward; one step back. I can’t tell you the clutter won’t reappear but I can tell you I’m still so much better off that before. I know more of my possessions. I own them. They don’t own me. 

That’s progress. That’s hope. I’m also aware I’ll be able to declutter again. I know that when an object, a thing has served its time that I can thank it for its service and let it go. Let it go. That’s progress. 

I have more space than before and I LOVE it. It feels FREE. So many people have written books on decluttering.  Go to a bookstore and browse through some. Google for ideas. Try some. Find one or two or three methods. Create your own. Create space. Make space. 

I’ve heard it said that when we make more space in our surroundings we discover more of who we are in the spaces inside. 

I find that true. Not all the spaces bring joy but they do bring snippets of realization and that makes all the exploring worth it. 


About Nancy A. Taylor

I'm a woman on a mission to create, manifest, and design the life that is perfect for me through travel, yoga, and mindful living. You can find me on facebook:
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