Traveling Light

Just over a week ago I traveled to Ann Arbor, Michigan to visit a friend and I decided, for the first time ever to travel lightly. I planned my packing so I wouldn’t have to check a bag, but I also didn’t stuff my carry-on. I only took the jewelry I wore. I kept toiletries to a minimum since my friend had necessities in her apartment. I ended up having lots of space in my bag. When I arrived at the airport I couldn’t believe how much of a breeze it was not having to check bags. It saved more time than I ever imagined.

I had plenty of space for items I might buy, yet, with all the cleaning and decluttering I’ve been doing this year I didn’t feel like buying much, so, on the way home, I didn’t have additional baggage, literally and figuratively. This made a huge difference as my flight landed at LAX at 4p.m. Since I didn’t have to wait for baggage I hopped on the first shuttle to Lot C and made it home without hitting the worst of Los Angeles rush hour traffic.

Buoyed by this newfound freedom, upon arriving home I decided to tackle a seemingly overwhelming task: going through the boxes and boxes of pictures I’ve taken over the years. Sometimes I think I took pictures more than I experienced life—thank goodness for digital images!

I kept Marie Kondo’s idea of sparking joy as a tenet of this task. It took many hours over two days to complete this work, but I found myself with a new understanding and appreciation of how I want to live my life going forward. I did not dispose of pictures of people, for the most part, but I did recycle many duplicate pictures. “What was I thinking?” Taking more pictures than enjoying the moments!

At the end of the two days I felt exhausted and determined. Decluttering isn’t just a one time process. It’s a lifelong enterprise. My pictures are now sorted into boxed but they aren’t organized but it’ll be awhile before I tackle that one! I also have so much more space, literally and figuratively, and I like it! Having the extra space does not mean I need to fill it. For now, I am content to sit back and enjoy—waiting to see the miracles the universe will bring my way.

Oh and I took very few pictures on my short vacation—also very liberating!

Travel lightly my friends and see the joys the universe will bring you!


About Nancy A. Taylor

I'm a woman on a mission to create, manifest, and design the life that is perfect for me through travel, yoga, and mindful living. You can find me on facebook:
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4 Responses to Traveling Light

  1. I am also decluttering. I read Marie Khondo’s book and although I do not follow it exactly, first clothes, etc., I go by if it doesn’t spark joy, get rid of it. It is a good feeling filling up bags with stuff that I do not need. I am having trouble getting rid of books though.

    • I’ve discovered that if I’m not sure, I just wait. When I started this back in January, I didn’t think I could go through pictures, but when I came back from Ann Arbor I was. I don’t follow her exactly either. I beat to my own drum. I started by focusing on one room because that made me feel good. And when I feel good all things are possible!

  2. For me too! I just read a bit in Eckhart Tolle’s book on not owning possessions so now I feel like I can get rid of more stuff.

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