Being Fat and Going to the Doctor

Being fat means going to the doctor is never fun, especially going to the gynecologist. Every time I go I hear a lecture about how being obese makes me a higher risk for cancer. The gynecologist likes to use that term to scare me or to get me paranoid, but guess what? It doesn’t help. I don’t hear those words and feel a motivation to work at being healthier. I just feel fear, and quite frankly I’m tired of it.

Our medical industry thrives on fear, on creating fear. They talk so much about finding “cures” and treating diseases but rarely do they talk about prevention. Prevention doesn’t make big money. Most doctors would rather sell pills than spinach.

I’m mad, but I’m mad at myself for buying into the fear. I felt too much of it this go round. I’ve been working more at lifting weights so my chest muscles are feeling the efforts, particularly in the breast area, so all I kept hearing in my head was my doctor’s voice about being at a higher risk of cancer.

I went into my yearly mammogram with some dread this year. But all turned out well. Except, in a way it didn’t. It didn’t because my stress levels became elevated while I waited. I kept hearing my doctor’s voice.

I have news for all of you. Heart disease runs more rampant in my family. That’s a more likely occurrence, but, really all of this is BS. I’m not going to live the rest of my life feeling fear about some disease I MIGHT get! That’s all a bunch of BULLOCKS!!! And a great portion of the medical industry thrives on fear. That’s part of how they make money.

I’m not suggesting going rogue, but I am going to LIVE and not buy into this garbage. Words matter. Intentions matter. I’d much rather concentrate my energies on being healthy and making spinach apple ginger juice and lemon cheesecake smoothies. That’s the future I want and the now I’ll choose to have.

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6 Responses to Being Fat and Going to the Doctor

  1. MissieLee says:

    Regardless of one’s weight, doctors in America tend to sell fear as opposed to health. It is, most definitely, a medical industry. There’s book after book that describes this phenomenon, with probably the easiest one to read being “Overdiagnosed: Making People Sick in the Pursuit of Health by Dr. Gilbert Welch, Dr. Lisa Schwartz, and Dr. Steven Woloshin.

  2. kittynard says:

    My two cents:
    Fear–False Evidence Appearing Real–Peddling has become the leading cause of dis-ease (in so many arenas)!

  3. Sharon Lusk says:

    I try to always ask my God to give me the strength to make healthy choices. That is MY Dr. Fear is horrific in my opinion and that’s when I think of giving up. My cynicism believes they have a cure for cancer but the money making industry is too big to let it out. So happy you continue to forge ahead for your own reasons.😍

  4. I, too, believe they have a cure but that money rules, so it’s up to us to keep working at making those healthy choices! Love you Sharon!

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