Three Years of HOT HOT HOT YOGA!

Today, April 29, 2016 marks my third year Bikramversary! I don’t have any grand comments to make. No profound realizations. I’ve been practicing yoga on and off for twenty years, but I love Bikram/Hot yoga more than the others. Why?

Sometime in the past year I bought a shirt that says “Yoga is Cheaper than Therapy.” That’s true. It’s also true that yoga is more readily and easily available. I can go anytime. Anytime I’m in a mood: sad, happy, depressed, and the list goes on. I know I can go into that hot room and leave lighter in mood than when I walked in. That’s always the case. ALWAYS.

My practice has evolved over the past three years. I used to drive a fair distance to practice yoga, but one day I just couldn’t do that drive anymore, and that’s when I started practicing at

I can drive to that studio in 10 to 12 minutes, so it really is there when I need it. From the first time I stepped foot in that studio I felt at home. Bikram/Hot yogis form the most amazing connective communities.

I have had to do some hard thinking these past few months, and if you’ve followed me here you’ve seen some of that. I’ve really wanted other people to care for me and treat me the way I’ve always deserved, but the truth is this: I’m the one who needs to take care of me.

And that’s why I keep going back to Bikram/Hot yoga. When I’m there I’m taking care of me in every way I’ve ever deserved. Find what makes you feel taken care of and then take care of yourself. The most amazing doors will open that way.

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About Nancy A. Taylor

I'm a woman on a mission to create, manifest, and design the life that is perfect for me through travel, yoga, and mindful living. You can find me on facebook:
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2 Responses to Three Years of HOT HOT HOT YOGA!

  1. Congrats on 3 years in the hot room Nancy!

  2. Awesome!!! Keep it up 🙂

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