When Your Worst Yoga Class Becomes Your Best Yoga Class

Spending any amount of time on a crowded metal tube flying through the sky can cause the body to feel stiff and cramped. To put it more succinctly–as I walked around this morning body parts ached and moaned as though they might be elderly and in need of retiring. But my friend Julie and I planned on Bikram this morning, my first morning in Dallas, so off we went to Bikram Yoga Dallas.

The studio resides on the second floor of a strip mall and feels pleasant and inviting. As you walk through the door, a selection of retail goodies resides on the left and the reception desk sits to the right. The yoga studio seems fairly large with a flooring that looks hardwood but isn’t. 

Julie puts our mats up front, which she says is the coolest spot in the room. I put my bag in the locker room, which can sports three toilets and three showers, along with a couple of benches. 

Back to the yoga room. My body feels stiff and creaky and wants to do nothing but complain. It doesn’t want to be there. It wants to swallow some Advil and be done with it. I stay out of the room until the teacher goes in. I can tell from the steam on the windows that it’s gonna be a wet one. 

The breathing nearly kills me. When Half-moon starts, my back says leave and don’t come back. I couldn’t even manage one of my awe-inspiring backbends because I think my body wants to sit down. 

Awkward and Eagle emit similar thoughts. But then I get to take a drink! I pray for forward fold because my back wants nothing more than some respite, but I know the answer lies in engaging my core in the poses before forward fold. Strengthening the core will silence most of this body’s problems. 

Somehow I survive until we get to the floor. But then I discover this type of flooring gets really slippery when wet, and I’ve been sweating A LOT!!! So I have to take extra care. 

By the grace of the universe I survive until the end. It was all worth it though. I can feel my body appreciated the effort.  It didn’t feel as creaky and my mind and heart soared with peace. That’s why my worst class will always be my best because I SHOWED UP!!!! 

Show up for you!! No excuses. If you’re on vacation and can’t make it to a yoga studio, then make time to do some poses or stretches. Even if yoga isn’t your thing, still make time for stretching. Your body, mind, and heart will thank you. 

Enjoying some post-yoga, post-spa bliss.    


About Nancy A. Taylor

I'm a woman on a mission to create, manifest, and design the life that is perfect for me through travel, yoga, and mindful living. You can find me on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TaylorMadeNancy/
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6 Responses to When Your Worst Yoga Class Becomes Your Best Yoga Class

  1. lburkart6 says:

    That first class after traveling is always a doozy, but it feels so good when you make it through.

  2. Yoga is always a life saver when traveling!

  3. John says:

    Like you I’ve never had a bad yoga class, as Bikram says the only bad class is the one that you do not go to!

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