BLING BLING—It’s MY THING!!! Further Decluttering Adventures!


I LOVE Bling. Always have and probably always will. This means that when I see shiny THINGS I tend to want to buy them! I have a nice collection of jewelry, mostly costume; actually, I have an overwhelming amount of jewelry. I have a jewelry armoire filled to the brim. I also LOVE hair bling, so I have a collection of shiny scrunchies, fascinators, clips, etc. I’m okay with having these things, but I’m not okay with how I’ve allowed them to overflow onto the top of my dresser, making it invisible.

As I’m leaving for a short trip I figured now would be the PERFECT time to go through all the STUFF on top of the dresser and either 1) find a place for it 2) donate it, or 3) trash it if it was beyond repair. I also had any number of odd pieces of paper I’d piled on the dresser; some Christmas cards from 2014, some mail I’d been looking for since the summer, and other odds and ends, most of which ended up in the recycle bin.

Going through all the stuff on the dresser didn’t take long, and using the guideline “Does it spark joy?” made it an easy task. I organized my fancy hair clips in a wicker box. I put all the bobby pins in a small container. I set aside the widow earrings (I’ll look for the matches when I return). Even if I don’t find the matches I might still keep them. It’s FUN sometimes to wear mis-matched earrings! Who says pairs need to match anyways?

I put my holiday (Halloween and Christmas) jewelry in a separate box that I could pull out next September. I need to find a new box though so I can separate all the pieces, but that’s not an immediate need. I also have a small chest in the corner of the room where I keep odd purses I might need for certain occasions. I donated some of those. One is a Dooney & Bourke that has discolored. Did you know you can return damaged/discolored items to Dooney and Bourke and they will fix/repair them or give you reasonable credit for a new purchase?

Then I dusted everything, made the bed, and vacuumed, so the room would be ready for my return. Everything is NOT PERFECT. But two hours later, it’s so much better than before. TWO HOURS!!!!!! Don’t have two hours? Chances are you might have 20 minutes; if you spend twenty minutes a day think of how much you’ll accomplish!!!! And you’ll be so much further than you were before!

Oh and while I’m on that plane, I’m going to use my time to make a plan for tackling the rest of the apartment! I feel SOOO EXCITED!!!!!! So many amazing things are coming my way! Yours too! IF YOU MAKE IT HAPPEN!!!!



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2 Responses to BLING BLING—It’s MY THING!!! Further Decluttering Adventures!

  1. Sheri says:

    Loving your progress. I am contemplating a thorough purging, cleaning session at my house too so this gives me even more motivation!

  2. This is one of the most amazing things I’ve EVER done. I so recommend it! It’s not always easy but worth it.

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