Let’s talk about Poop

If you are at all squeamish, you might not wish to read this. If you’ve been following me you know I’ve had a lifelong issue with weight. I’ve tried just about every plan in existence. I spent years thinking that low-fat or fat-free meant those foods would help me lose weight. I figured even if I ate an entire box of fat-free cookies I’d still be okay. After all, one box only had about 600 calories. I’m thinking of the Devil’s Food Snackwell cookies, which I haven’t eaten in years.

Signs existed all around me that indicated fat-free did not sit well with my body. This is where poop comes in. Healthy poop has a certain look to it. Click on the link below for detailed visualizations of healthy to unhealthy poop:


I can tell you from experience that binge eating or eating a box of Snackwell cookies results in unhealthy and sometimes uncomfortable poop. I could describe it to you, but I think it suffices to say unhealthy poops do not come out clean. Sometimes they’re pasty; sometimes they’re painful; sometimes there’s a lot coming out. You get the point.

Talking about poop makes some people uncomfortable, yet it tells us so much about ourselves. My yoga compatriots speak freely of poop. They openly acknowledge that it’s better to evacuate the bowels before class. Think about it. They’re right. The next time you have to poop, wait a second and try some squats while holding in your abdomen—not so easy!!!!!

I don’t remember the name of it but for several years there was this “diet” product on the market that literally said in the instructions that you should carry an extra pair of underwear with you in case of “anal leakage”. Seriously, my friends, any weight loss product that causes “anal leakage” won’t help you in the long run. Anal leakage does not equal healthy poop.

I don’t profess to be a perfect eater. I’m far from it, but I’m healthier than I used to be. And I can tell you this for sure: on days where my eating comes close to “perfect” my poop comes out clean and easy. There’s something to be said for that. Don’t’ be embarrassed to talk about this natural bodily function. Perhaps it’s not dinner conversation. Well maybe it is for proctologists. I don’t know any proctologists though.

The point is this: have no shame. Have no trepidation. Everyone Poops. I know this because it’s the title of kids’ book that I own. KCET solid it in their KCET Stores of Knowledge and you can still find it on Amazon. Everyone Pees too, but that’s another story, for another entry!


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