By the Light of the (Near) Full Moon

Driving home tonight (around 5p.m.) I glanced up the near full moon rising above the mountains. Buoyed the majestic beauty, I called one of my friends, urging her to put on shoes and come with me to observe this breathtaking sight. Dressed in her jammies, she quickly put on shoes and off we went, driving across the street, allowing the moon to mesmerize us.

As the moon crested over the mountains shadowy streaks highlighted her presence, simultaneously lighting up and darkening the sky. We pulled over to attempt to snap some photos of this most ethereal moment, but only the most sophisticated camera could have done this moment justice. As with many divine Mother Nature twinkles, the heart serves as the best memory holder.

In the two days preceding and following full moons, spiritual seekers believe emotions and dark forces heighten. Whether or not one believes this, I know that I have been thinking intensely about my ever-evolving relationship with food these past couple of days. Food has long served as a comfort for me. I feel most at ease when food fills the belly, but not just any food. Foods with processed sugars, processed etc. I feel most at peace in those moments.

Or do I?

I can recall so many moments when being heavier negatively affected my ability to simply function, but I don’t wish for that to be the focus here.

For the longest time food equaled love for me. I didn’t just wake up one morning with a cure, with a replacement. Recovery doesn’t work that way. If it did more people would lose weight and keep it off.

What does real love look like? Love doesn’t come from a twinkie. Love doesn’t come from a cookie. Love doesn’t come from eating so much that I can’t function. Love doesn’t come from those places. Love can come from humans, but I seek more than that. Or, at least I think I do.

I know where I want to go. I can visualize it. Observe it. But I need to work on looking at the moment. The small moments, the golden moments that occur every day, those joyful moments build into lifetimes of heartfelt happiness. Seeing the moon tonight=a blissful snippet of time held in my heart!

A Near Full Moon!

A Near Full Moon!

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