What to wear to a wedding? And Salabhasana (locust)

I have a wedding to go to in less than three weeks. I already have the perfect red dress to wear. The sleeveless divine design captured my eye, so I bought it, knowing full well it would look best without a bra. It actually has a bit of padding in the front to account for the absence of a bra. I’ve worn this dress a couple of times before and it looks stunning.

What does all this have to do with Salabhasana (locust) or yoga? I’ve always been conscious of back fat. At my heaviest I think my back fat looked bigger than my breasts. I don’t have as much back fat anymore and I appreciate that more than anything as I used to have to buy bras that “smooth” the back.

One of my favorite poses in Bikram, salabhasana/locust, works the back, so I almost always look forward to this posture. A few weeks ago my instructor said something in class that added new dimension to the pose for me. In the first part of the pose each leg is lifted to a 45 degree angle, or as close to that as you can get. On this day, he mentioned engaging the abdomen when lifting the leg. Now, I’m quite sure he’s said this many times before, but that day I HEARD him. He also said to lift from the abdomen.

As I started the pose that day, I followed instructions, and I could tell an immediate effect. I felt more full-body strength when I lifted my leg. I’m not sure I lifted it higher than I normally did, but I could literally feel more muscles working in my core, my legs, and my back. When I lowered my leg(s) the muscles in my back tingled with life, more than ever before. Ever since then I’ve made it a point to lift from my core.

This isn’t about losing weight to fit in a dress. The dress already fits. This is about feeling strong and confident in whatever I wear. It’s about being able to have people take pictures of me and wondering how I’ll look from the back. It’s about walking into a room and owning it. It’s about feeling good being me. Feeling good in this body I have now as I continue working toward my goal.

Loren Helping Me with Proper Hand Placement in Preparation for Salabhasana

Loren Helping Me with Proper Hand Placement in Preparation for Salabhasana

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I'm a woman on a mission to create, manifest, and design the life that is perfect for me through travel, yoga, and mindful living. You can find me on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TaylorMadeNancy/
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3 Responses to What to wear to a wedding? And Salabhasana (locust)

  1. calniki says:

    Nancy, for as long as I have known you (24+ years), I have never seen you not walk into a room and “own” it. Your wonderful personality has always shone bright in any room you have entered. I’m glad that your confidence in the way you look is catching up to that amazing personality you have always had! Love ya girl! Keep moving forward! 🙂
    P.s. I hope this sentiment came out the right way … You know what I mean … :o)

  2. Hi Nancy,

    I just discovered your blog through Yogaudacious and I have to tell you I love love love your writing voice.

    The more I read of your blog, the more it reminded me of the reason I started mine. Yoga has helped me immensely in overcoming anxiety and other mental health issues. It not only trains my mind to be more focused on the here and now, my progress has also helped me feel more confident in my own strength (physical and mental).

    I’ve been trying to convince my friends and family – all of whom could use a healthy dose of yoga as therapy – to give yoga a try. Most of them shy away from it, since what they have seen and heard about it in the media makes it feel completely foreign and unattainable to them. So I do my best when I write to convey that I’m a normal person with a normal life that happens to include a healthy dose of yoga in it.

    Anyway, I’ve written more than I intended to and I’d like to look around your blog some more, but I wanted to drop by and let you know I’m a fan!

    • Hi!

      I happened upon your blog a few days ago and saw how much of it resonated with me. Yoga has done so much for me, including calming my mind down. Something I thought could never be done.

      Thank you for connecting!


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