Acccept No Limitations, Not Even Your Own!

A friend of mine texted me today to tell me that people were still talking about what I did two years ago. My actions that day left a lasting positive impression. So, what did I do two years ago that still has tongues wagging?

At a time when I did not have the level of fitness I do now, I climbed FOUR HUNDRED steps within 15 minutes to reach the top of Moro Rock in the Sequoias. Those were STEEP steps too, almost like climbing straight up a hill. I remember that day clearly, I felt a certain determination to make it to the top before everyone else decided to come back down. I wanted more than I can ever describe to be a part of the crowd. I did not want to feel ostracized. I’d gone up to the Sequoias with about twenty other people. None of them really thought I could do it. They didn’t think I’d make it to the top.

Here’s a pic of some of the steps I climbed:


I feel quite certain of this because I can recollect the looks on their faces as I rounded the last curve of steps to the top of Moro Rock. Their looks of surprise remain etched in my mind, in the most loving of ways. In that moment, I had defied odds. I had surpassed preconceived notions of activities a big person could do and/or accomplish. I spent just a few moments looking around, basking in the glow of my accomplishment before heading back down.

Here’s the view from the top of Moro Rock:

View from the Top of Moro Rock

View from the Top of Moro Rock

Here’s an article detailing the steps to the top:

As a side note there have been deaths associated with climbing the stairs because of the narrow path. At times only one person can climb sections.

That wasn’t the end of that day though. We went on to see General Sherman. The trail to General Sherman is steep but paved. I remember a sign saying it was a ¼ mile to the base of the tree, so not too long, but I had to hike back up. That day we also hiked around the Giant Forest and a few other places. We also had a bear encounter!

Here’s my friend Mr. Bear:

My Friend Mr. Bear

My Friend Mr. Bear

I did all that with sheer grit and determination. I had the desire and the drive. I didn’t put limitations on myself that day. That’s how I need to live every day! That’s how I want to live! Life without limitations is the only life I want, and the only life worth working for!

Some Sage Advice from Trees:

Sage Advice from Sequoias

Sage Advice from Sequoias

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One Response to Acccept No Limitations, Not Even Your Own!

  1. calniki says:

    YOU can accomplish anything YOU put your mind to Nancy! I’m not surprised that you could do the steps/hike, I’m surprised that people might have doubted that you could do it! For as long as I’ve known you (24+ years), you have never allowed your size/level of fitness get in the way of what you wanted to do and I have always admired your drive to accomplish what you put your mind to. You are right…Never put limitations on yourself because you’ll never know what you are capable of accomplishing if you do! Way to go Nancy! So proud of you! Keep moving forward! 🙂

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