Workout Clothing: Not Just for Skinny People

Over the course of the past few months people have asked me where I buy my clothes, more specifically they ask where I purchase my workout gear. There’s more to the question than a simple answer. At my heaviest, deciding what to wear while working out meant that I had to find clothes that would fit my body. Fortunately, companies exist that sell clothes I could wear.

Back in the day I would buy bike shorts from Roaman’s/Lane Bryant/Woman Within/Making It Big Online and a few others. I usually get a 5x, I think, as my stomach has always been the biggest part of my body and I need to accommodate that. I don’t remember if I ever ordered a 6x but it’s possible.  I’d normally order the tops from Making It Big online because they would cover my belly, and I HAD to hide that!

That was my gym/yoga wear. While walking/hiking, then and now, I’d wear whatever. I’ve gone hiking in fancy cocktail wear. As long as my legs can move in it, I can go for a walk in it. To say anything else is an excuse.

Lifting weights, working on gym machines, doing squats—now that’s another story! As I started to lose weight, I found it difficult to find clothing that would last and make me feel good while working out. (As a side note the bike shorts from Lane Bryant/Roaman’s aren’t the greatest quality.) Feeling good while working out—that’s important!  Exercise clothes matter. Clothes that look good on me, that fit me, help me feel more confident and strong and inspire me to workout harder, longer and with more gusto.

A few months ago I decided to make an investment in myself and buy some outfits from Junonia, an online company that specializes in plus size active wear. They sell bike shorts and sports bras in bright and colorful clothing: pink, bright blue, etc. As an aside, I don’t care for pants or leggings because I think they accentuate my stomach and I can’t stand that. I ordered a 1x in the bike shorts and an XL in the sports bra. It’s turned out to be one of the best investments I’ve made.

Their bike shorts FIT my body. They way they are made accommodates the variations in my stomach and legs. When I wear these bike shorts they hold me in so that I can see and feel my body, my core at work. Plus I feel more confident in my self, so I work harder.

Their sports bras also fit well and hold me in. This helps me to see my sides as I flex them. Most importantly, I feel pretty in the clothing I buy from Junonia. Because my top is significantly smaller than my body, I’ve also been able to buy sports bras at regular stores. I’ve gotten some nice quality Champion sports bras. I’ve had to try on more than a few styles because some just don’t provide a level of coverage I prefer.

There’s more to my workout wardrobe than bike shorts and a sports bra! That’s all I wear in a Bikram yoga class, but when I’m in a place where  I need more coverage I prefer to wear tank tops over my sports bra and I buy those at………………………………….DISNEYLAND!!!!! I have a couple of pretty princess shirts.  It’s one of the greatest pleasures of my life to be able to by workout wear at my happy place. It makes me happy to be one with Mickey!

So that’s a little bit about me and workout clothes. The real moral of the story: wear clothing that puts a spring in your step. You’ll work harder and YOU’RE WORTH IT!!!

Here’s a pic of me in my favorite outfit from Junonia:

Nancy Does the Camel!

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3 Responses to Workout Clothing: Not Just for Skinny People

  1. Niki Pierce says:

    I love your workout outfits Nancy! They compliment you and your spunky personality! I’m so glad you found workout clothing that makes you feel good and inspires you to work harder – It’s important to feel and look good in clothing that you wear while working at feeling and looking good – more important than people think. And besides, you look good in those outfits too! Keep up the good work Nancy and keep moving forward! 🙂

  2. kpresslee says:

    I adore you. 🙂
    Keep being you. ❤

  3. Vanessa Baron says:

    Oh my goodness! What a good idea to buy tshirts and tanks at Disney! That is what I am going to start doing! There’s nothing better than working out in a great princess shirt!

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